Pool Deck Resurfacing

pool kool deck resurfacing mesa az
Whenever a pool deck becomes too worn out due to the natural effects of weathering or regular human traffic, J&A Home Improvements LLC offers pool deck resurfacing services to correct the problem. Pool deck resurfacing, AZ-based services offers the following advantages:

Reusing pre-existing pool decks – there is nothing more costly than a total overhaul of pre-existing pool deck, especially if it only features very minimal damage or wear that can readily be solved by resurfacing. Our finishes makes it possible to quickly and efficiently resurface damaged surfaces with relative ease and with minimal overhaul.

Long-term savings – doing away with the need to completely strip a pre-existing pool deck completely before it is refinished or resurfaced, a resurfaced pool deck promises long-term savings! Superior to counterparts and imitations available in the market today, Kool Deck’s low-maintenance and long-wearing nature makes it the ideal choice for pool deck resurfacing.
pool kool deck resurfacing
Ease-of-application – As Kool Deck experts, we pride ourselves in our capacity to conduct efficient, thorough, and fast pool deck resurfacing. Thanks to Kool Deck’s unique easy-to-apply properties and the top-quality materials that it is made out of, each resurfacing job is guaranteed to make your pool deck look like new.

Fast ‘revamp’ – if you’re tired of your old pool deck’s look, opt for resurfacing rather than a total replacement. While the latter can take several weeks to about a month to finish (depending on the size of the deck and the new chosen look), a simple resurfacing of a pre-existing Kool Deck or bare concrete surface will take no longer than a day’s application and you’ll be good to go. Investment-wise, you cannot ever go wrong with Kool Deck!