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Here at J&A Home Improvements LLC, we don’t just provide services to keep your pool looking great and in tip-top shape, we also provide painting services to improve your home’s curb appeal. Using the finest Dunn Edwards paint products, we provide an exceptional interior and exterior painting service that will have your home looking as good as your pool. Here’s what we offer in more detail. 
 high quality painting
Exterior – The exterior paint job of your home is one of its most important features. Not only is it the main factor in how good your home looks to neighbors and passers-by, but it also protects your house from the elements such as the sun, heat and dust and debris in the air.

It is crucial, therefore, that you keep your home’s exterior paint job looking fresh with regular repaints. Whether you want to change the entire color scheme of your home or just touch up your home’s exterior paint in places, we can help.

Interior – You see your home’s interior paint job every single day. That means it has to be perfect if you want to enjoy living in your home. Over time, interior paint jobs can become dull, dirty and damaged. You may stop liking your color scheme, too.

But that’s not a problem when you hire J&A Home Improvements LLC. We understand that painting your own home can be a tough and boring job, which is why we offer a fast and high-quality service to do it for you. If you want a fresh coat of paint or a complete refurb, we are here to help.