Kooldeck Acrylic Lace

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Having become tired of the blandness of some conventional pool decks available in the early ‘60s, one enterprising company called Mortex decided to create a pool deck coating that would later become the standard choice for nearly all pool deck installations in the decades to come – Kool Deck. Kool Deck is installed onto pre-existing concrete flooring.

Created to be cool to the touch even in the hottest of climates, and to be fully customizable to suit every imaginable aesthetic, Kool Deck remains, to this day, the number one choice for pool decks and walkways.

A specialized non-slip coating made out of an acrylic base, Kool Deck Acrylic Lace finishes provide superior non-slip surfaces that feature a wide assortment of aesthetic flourishes. So-called because of its unique ‘lace-like’ finish and look, Kool Deck Acrylic Lace is one of the easiest to install and apply, and is a prime choice for pool Kool Deck resurfacing Mesa AZ-based services, thanks in part to the following features:
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Ease of application – true to the original Kool Deck surfacing finishes of the early ‘60s to the mid-‘90s, Kool Deck Acrylic Lace is easily applied, with very minimal need for additional priming or flourishes.

Minimalistic, timeless aesthetics – featuring a simpler, less ‘three-dimensional’ appeal, most Acrylic Lace varieties sport flat or matte finishes with the distinctive veining common in earlier variants of the Kool Deck brand. It fits right at home with the more ostentatious finishes and designs available today, and can even be complementary to the more textured, stone-like surfacing finishes of today.

Versatile and workable – for all of its simplicity, Kool Deck Acrylic Lace is a very versatile and workable finish and is able to take on some degree of texturing and additional aesthetic flourishes without any additional cost. This workability is what makes this variant of the Kool Deck line one of the most popular choices for Kool Deck pool coating Mesa AZ-based services like the ones provided by J&A Home Improvements LLC.

Low-maintenance – Kool Deck Acrylic Lace is designed to last and boasts low-maintenance features that make it a wonderful choice for pool decking. True to its brand, Kool Deck Acrylic Lace features the same heat-resistant surface and finish that ensures your pool deck stays cool to the touch even during the hottest of summers!