Epoxy Coatings & Pebble Stone

Pebble Stone finishes
Our concrete coatings pool service and Glendale AZ-based services also include the much sought-after epoxy coatings and pebble stone finishes. Highly sought-after, they offer the following advantages:

Aesthetic versatility – standard epoxy coatings allow for an aesthetic versatility that is unavailable for conventional Kool Deck finishes. Able to provide metallic, matte, high-luster or translucent finishes, it is the prime choice for pool deck beautification.

Superior long-lasting protection – Epoxy finishes provides excellent and long-lasting protection from nearly all forms of damage. Resistant to weathering and regular traffic, it is also designed to be scratch and stain-resistant.
Pebble Stone finishes
High-end aesthetics – with our pebble stone options, you have for yourself a pool deck unlike any other. Highly sought-after for its superior aesthetic beauty and its practicality, our unique epoxy-bound pebble stone surface features polished, natural stones bonded with their own specialized epoxy blend that ensures a flawless bond that creates a wonderfully even, textured surface.

Ideal for repairs – Kool Deck pebble stones are the ideal choice for deck resurfacing or repairs. Providing excellent coverage and a low-maintenance nature, combined with its classy appeal, it is no wonder why it is the prime choice of material by pool Kool Deck repair Glendale AZ-based services.