Concrete Coatings

kool deck pool coating
Some pool designs feature concrete decks that are intended to either be a take at minimalism, or an attempt at savings. While it can be quite difficult to decorate a concrete pool deck that has already set and dried with conventional materials like tile or flagstones, it is very easy to accomplish with us! Here’s why:

Ease-of-application – concrete coating can be applied on the same day as freshly poured concrete. However, in the event that it cannot be done, a simple application of PTA Bonding Agent and some minor surface preparation is more than enough to ensure that whatever chosen coating sticks to the concrete’s surface and remains flawlessly bonded.

Concrete coatings pool service Glendale AZ-based services guarantee long-lasting coatings that require very little maintenance and that can withstand the ravages of weather and daily human traffic.
kool deck pool coating mesa az
Workability and versatility – one of the major disadvantages of concrete is that it has limited workability the moment that it has dried and set. With our concrete coatings, however, you can simply choose your ideal concrete pool coating and apply it to the surface.

This can be worked into the desired texture or finish, and can even be painted a wide assortment of different colors, all without any extra cost!